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Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 1913099

I am  Bernardo Yibirin.

As your Mortgage Loan Officer, I represent the INNOVATIVE MORTGAGE, specialize in Real Estate Financial Management; I have a degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida. I have held roles and job positions in different segments of the market, which has allowed me to grow, evolve and enhance my knowledge, skills, and talents, to the point that I have achieved a deep understanding of the human spirit, which is something invaluable to me.

I am a person who lives with passion, optimism, and personal relationships are fundamental in my daily life. I enjoy taking on new challenges and I feel prepared to meet them, which translates into what I do daily. I firmly commit and represent my clients. As your loan officer, I will stand by you and apply all my business experiences, strategies, nd exhaust all resources to ensure that I exceed your expectations.  

I possess qualities, which have been key in my personal and professional life such as my high level of commitment others, I avoid offering what I cannot fulfill, excellent communication, which is the weapon of understanding and conciliation; being a good listener, analyzing and asking in a timely manner. All these attributes have allowed me to cultivate good relationships; maintain my ethics and be transparent in my decisions. I am able to my skill to come to concrete and assertive conclusions, which can lead to victorious negotiations and effective closures of projects. 

My work as a Mortgage Loan Officer requires me to be up-to-date, study and train continuously, to keep up with the trends of new products and financial instruments that exist in the market; and in this way, to be able to meet the needs and effectively accompany each of you, throughout the process of "Application of Mortgage Loans".

To provide you with remarkable and efficient results, I work with an experienced team with a vast track record in the area of mortgages and financing; these valuable collaborators are ethical, responsible, achievement-oriented and committed to accompanying and caring with care, respect and cordially to all our customers.

I invite you to get to know me and give me the opportunity to help you in your personal plans and those of your loved ones. I believe in the importance of the family and in the stability that is achieved when you have a property and a home; the latter being one of my fundamental purposes as mortgage loan officer. I want to be your business partner and confidentially construct your dreams. If you so wish, to become your friend and collaborator in your investment initiatives.

Thank you and welcome to INNOVATIVE MORTGAGE

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